I Won Organics High Protein Organic Snack Chips
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I Won Organics High Protein Organic Snack Chips
I Won Organics High Protein Organic Snack Chips
I Won Organics High Protein Organic Snack Chips
I Won Organics High Protein Organic Snack Chips
i won! organics High Protein Organic Snack Chips
Product Description
The greatest protein chip on the planet! i won! organic protein chips are great tasting, and made with the finest non-gmo ingredients! We use an organic pea protein, offering a plant-based snack that is high in protein, with 20 grams of protein per bag and only 9 to 10 net carbs. Using high quality ingredients, i won! is one of the ONLY organic certified, non-GMO verified, gluten free, and kosher, high protein chips on the market. With a great texture and crunch, they are the perfect high protein snack to eat as is, or to accompany your favorite dip, like hummus or guacamole. Enjoy that #iwonfeeling!
+Q. seriously, how'd you do it? how'd you make i won! protein chips with organic and non-gmo ingredients taste so good?
-A. it took many, many months of hard work along with a strong commitment to getting it right. our goal is to make sure you're happy with the final product.
+Q. how are these organic protein chips cooked?
-A. to get these snacks tasting great, we chose to cook them at 365 degrees, for 45 seconds, in organic sunflower / safflower.
+Q. why is everyone talking about non-gmo and organic foods lately?
-A. more and more people care about the food they are eating and where it comes from. we use non-gmo ingredients because we want to know that our natural foods haven’t been altered in any way. we chose only organic ingredients because they're cleaner. they're healthier. they make us feel good.
+Q. we notice these i won! protein chips are a bit more expensive than others on the market, why?
-A. that's an awesome question. our i won! protein chips are made with organic and non-gmo ingredients. this commitment has a cost associated to it. but using organic ingredients is that important to us. we’d also like to point out that our single serve is 1.85 oz., which is more than what some other brands offer.
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