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Laperva Slender Plus, 60 Sachets, Enhancement of Metabolism, Stimulation of Lipolysis

Laperva Slender Plus, 60 Sachets, Enhancement of Metabolism, Stimulation of Lipolysis

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By Laperva
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AED 555.00
  • Enhancement of Metabolism
  • Stimulation of Lipolysis
  • Appetite Suppressant
Laperva Slender Plus is a complete body slimming program, containing two effective weight loss products, "Perfect Line" and the second, "Perfect Portion". Inside the product is a tape measure and a 100-page book with all the product information along with the Nutri Diet program with some exercises and more.

Features of Laperva Slender Plus

  • Perfect Line 
One of the Laperva slender plus products, it contains a highly effective fat dissolving formula, consisting of green tea, green coffee, acai and hibiscus flavor. All these ingredients play an effective role in raising the rate of burning in the body, eliminating excess fluids and toxins, and losing weight.
  • perfect portion
This product reduces appetite because it enhances the feeling of satiety and reduces the body's absorption of fats and sugars. It is enriched with glucomannan and short chains of poly-fructose plant fibers, as well as extracts of pineapple and elderberry that purify the body and eliminate excess fluid.

Perfect Portion: One packet a day before Lunch or Dinner for 30 minutes, dissolved in a large glass of water. Mix and drink quickly because once the product comes into contact with water it forms a gel-like solution. For an increased sense of feeling full, drink another glass of water.

Perfect line: One packet a day after breakfast for 30 minutes Dissolve the content of the sachet in a glass of water 200ml.

Warnings: keep out of reach of children under three years.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
The supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Not recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation.
Contains caffeine (6.5mg/daily dose).
It is recommended not to exceed 400mg daily intake of caffeine from all sources.

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