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Big Ramy Labs Red Rex EAA + Creatine HCL, Watermelon, 30, Creatine HCL 750mg & EAA Matrix 9000mg

Big Ramy Labs Red Rex EAA + Creatine HCL, Watermelon, 30, Creatine HCL 750mg & EAA Matrix 9000mg

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AED 115.00
  • Creatine HCL 750mg & EAA Matrix 9000mg
  • Enhances Muscle Production and Growth
  • Improves Training Performance and Endurance

Redrex EAA+Creatine HCL is an efficaciously dosed essential amino acid formula that is unlike any other amino acid product out on the market today. Not only does Redrex EAA include a full-spectrum EAA matrix featuring 3 g of EAA’s and 6 g of BCAA’s but we added a focus and hydration complex as well. Redrex EAA+Creatine HCL contains 750mg of HCL Creatine which is a powerful compound that supports the production of energy within hardworking muscles. Creatine HCL is a rich source of creatine hydrochloride to help you improve your protein metabolism, volumize your body cells, and increase the production of secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Not only that, but it also breaks the weakness of muscle tissues, leaving you with extra energy and a better muscular shape.

Features of Big Ramy Labs Red Rex EAA + Creatine HCL

  • Helps delay fatigue Boosts energy during workouts and all-day
  • Superior taste and convenient powder that mixes well
  • Improved brain function
  • Mental acuity and memory
  • Balances cortisol levels
  • Enhances power output and muscular contractions

Add 1 scoop to 8-12oz of cold water prior to training. Vary the amount of water to the desired taste

 Made in a facility that also processes milk, soy, sesame, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish/crustaceans/shellfish oils, and wheat products.

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