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Bioderma Photoderm Max Dark Tinted Cream SPF 100, 40 ML

Bioderma Photoderm Max Dark Tinted Cream SPF 100, 40 ML

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By Bioderma
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  • Minimises Skin Imperfections and Unifies the Complexion
  • Spreads Very Easily, Leaving No Oily Film

Very high protection with melting texture.

Features of Bioderma Photoderm Max Dark Tinted Cream SPF 100

  • Photoderm Max Creme Dark tint SPF100 is a sunscreen that guarantees optimum UVA/UVB protection for the face.
  • Its creamy texture leaves no oily film or traces and guarantees a bright and even complexion.
  • Non-comedogenic, unfragranced, water-resistant.
  • No greasy effect Very good tolerance
  • Available in light and golden colors.
Apply Photoderm MAX Tinted Cream generously and evenly before exposure, after carefully drying the skin. - Reapply Photoderm MAX Tinted Cream frequently and after every swim or sporting activity or if it has rubbed off.
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