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BioTech USA Carbox, Unflavored, 1 kg

BioTech USA Carbox, Unflavored, 1 kg in UAE

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  • Energy Boost
  • Increase Energy, Stamina & Endurance
  • 5 Different Carbohydrate Sources

Carbox is a drink powder containing a carbohydrate complex. It combines five forms of slow, moderate, and fast-absorbing carbohydrates. It contains maltodextrin, dextrose, saccharose, fructose, and cornstarch. These sugars have different glycemic indexes, that is, they affect blood sugar levels to different extents.  Due to their varied absorption rates, some of them supply your body with carbs quickly, whereas others do for prolonged periods.

Features of BioTech USA Carbox 

  • loading before and during a workout
  • reloading after working your muscles,
  • that is, continuous and even carbohydrate supply.
  • 5 different carbohydrate sources ( Palatinose & Dextrose & Maltodextrin & D-Ribose & Fructose )
  • Gluten-free

Mix 1 serving (50 g = 3 heaped tablespoons) with 300 ml water, or, in the case of unflavoured Carbox, with any liquid of your choice. Consume 1 serving before and during a workout or competition.

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