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Body Builder Abs Wheel Roller, 1 Piece, High Quality, Targets Your Abs

Body Builder Abs Wheel Roller, 1 Piece, High Quality, Targets Your Abs

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AED 149.00
  • High Quality
  • Targets Your Abs

Body Builder Abs Wheel Roller Is a Robust and Efficient Exercise Tool Designed to Target and Strengthen the Core Muscles, Particularly the Abdominal Muscles, Obliques, and Lower Back. Crafted With High-quality Materials, This Wheel Roller is Built to Endure Intense Workouts and Provide Stability and Support During Use.

Features of Body Builder Abs Wheel Roller

  • Constructed From High-grade Materials Such as Sturdy Plastic and Stainless Steel, Ensuring Durability and Longevity Even With Frequent Use.
  • Equipped With Two Non-slip Wheels for Enhanced Stability and Balance, Allowing Smooth Rolling Motion in Multiple Directions for a More Effective Workout.
  • Ergonomically Designed Handles With Foam Padding Provide a Comfortable and Secure Grip, Minimizing Hand Fatigue and Allowing for Extended Exercise Sessions.
  • Lightweight and Compact Design Make It Easy to Store and Carry, Allowing You to Perform Your Ab Workout Routine Wherever You Go, Whether at Home or in the Gym.
  • Suitable for Users of All Fitness Levels, From Beginners to Advanced Athletes, the Body Builder Abs Wheel Roller Offers a Customizable Workout
  • Experience by Adjusting the Intensity and Range of Motion to Match Your Fitness Goals.
  • By Engaging the Entire Core Muscle Group, Including the Abdominals, Obliques, and Lower Back, This Wheel Roller Helps to Improve Core Strength, Stability, and Endurance, Leading to Better Posture and Overall Fitness.
  • Simple Assembly Process Requires No Tools, Allowing You to Set Up the Wheel Roller Quickly and Start Your Workout Without Delay.
  • Includes a Comprehensive Instructional Guide With Recommended Exercises and Proper Techniques to Maximize the Benefits of Your Ab Wheel Workouts.

You May Use It to Target Your Abdominal and Core 

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