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Body Builder Joint Flex, 30 Capsules, Cartilage Support, Joint Lubrication

Body Builder Joint Flex, 30 Capsules, Cartilage Support, Joint Lubrication

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AED 33.00 AED 99.00
  • Cartilage Support
  • Joint Lubrication
  • Collagen Production
  • Anti-inflammatory

Body Builder Joint Flex  Has Been Carefully Designed to Support Joint and Cartilage Health for All Individuals, Especially Seniors, Athletes to Ensure Smooth Movement and Flexible Joints, and Women to Protect Their Joints During the Menopausal Period to Reduce the Risk of Joint Stiffness and Inflammation.id Consists of a Unique Formula Combining Glucosamine Sulphate Compound at a Concentration of 450 Milligrams and Chondroitin Sulphate Compound at a Concentration of 100 Milligrams, in Addition to Vitamin C at a Concentration of 100 Milligrams, in Each Single Dose. The Formula of Body Builder Joint Flex is Distinguished by Its High Efficiency in Supporting Cartilage Health and Enhancing Collagen Production, an Essential Part of Maintaining Joint and Cartilage Flexibility. Additionally, the Product Serves as an Effective Solution to Reduce Inflammation and Alleviate Pain.

Features of Body Builder Joint Flex

  • Supporting Joint Health and Preventing Joint Stiffness: Works on Building and Maintaining Cartilage and Synovia Fluid Surrounding the Joints, Enhancing Joint Health and Improving Flexibility.
  • Supporting Joint Flexibility and Enhancing Smooth Movement: Contributes to Improving Joint Movement and Ability to Perform Daily Activities Better.
  • Enhancing Collagen Production: the Essential Protein to Support Joint and Cartilage Health.
  • Strong Anti-inflammatory Properties: Formula Exhibits Anti-inflammatory Properties, Helping to Reduce Swelling and Irritation in the Joints and Alleviate Pain.
  • Protecting Joints From Wear and Tear: Works on Increasing Cartilage Resistance to Wear and Tear, Reducing the Likelihood of Feeling Pain and Swelling in the Joints.
  • Free From Gluten, Soy, Lactose, Dairy Derivatives, Artificial Colors, and Flavors.

Take a Capsule Daily, Preferably With Meal or as Directed by a Healthcare Professional

Do Not Exceed the Recommended Dose. Pregnant or Nursing Mothers, Persons Under the Age of 18, and Individuals With a Known Medical Condition Should Consult a Physician
Or Nutritionist Before Using Any Dietary Supplement.
Do Not Use it if the Safety Seal is Damaged or Missing.
Allergens: Fish, Crustaceans. Storage
Store in a Cool, Dry Place.
Keep Out of the Reach of Children

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