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Body Builder Ultimate Power, Energy Flavour, 30, Ultimate Power Formula

Body Builder Ultimate Power, Energy Flavour, 30, Ultimate Power Formula

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AED 149.00
  • Ultimate Power Formula
  • Energizing Energy Flavor
  • Pump Up Intensity
  • Endurance Boost Support

Body Builder Ultimate Power Product is Considered One of the Most Powerful Energy Supplements Available, Thanks to Its Unique Four-way Action Formula.
Specifically Designed to Enhance Blood Flow to the Muscles, This Formula Provides the Highest Levels of Energy, Improves Endurance, Increases the Body's Resistance to Fatigue, Exceptionally Enhances Athletic Performance, Reduces Fatigue and Stress, and Plays a Crucial Role in Boosting Alertness and Focus During Workouts. Body Builder Ultimate Power is the Optimal Choice for Individuals Seeking the Highest Concentrations of Ingredients, Each Serving Contains 2000 Mg of beta-alanine, 400 Mg of Anhydrous Caffeine, 4000 Mg of L-citrulline Malate, 3250 Mg Creatine Monohydrate, 200 Mg Taurine, Along With Ideal Concentrations of Vitamin B3 and B12.

Features of Body Builder Ultimate Power

  • Enhances Achieving Maximum Energy Levels.
  • Exceptionally Improves Athletic Performance.
  • Boosts Resistance to Fatigue and Exhaustion.
  • Enhances Blood Flow Loaded With Oxygen and Nutrients to the Muscles.
  • Increases Levels of Focus and Alertness During Workouts.
  • Supports Muscle Mass Development and Building.
  • Free From Aspartame, Soy, Gluten, Lactose, Added Sugars, and From Artificial Colors 
  • Suitable for Vegetarians.

Mix One Scoop (12 Grams) With 250-300 Ml of Water and Consume It 15-30 Minutes Before Exercise.

Storage: Once Opened, Store in a Cool, Dry Place. Keep Out of Reach of Children.
Cautions: Check With a Qualified Health Professional Before Using This Product if You Are Under the Age of 18, Pregnant or Nursing a Baby or if You Have Any Known or Suspected Medical Condition (S) and/or Are Taking Any Prescription or Otc Medication (S). 
High Caffeine Content (400 Mg/300 Ml When Mixed Correctly). 
Not to Be Used as a Substitute for a Varied Diet and Healthy Lifestyle. Do Not Exceed the Suggested Use.

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