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Cornilleau Softbat Duo Set 2 Pairs

Cornilleau Softbat Duo Set

AED 162.75
By Cornilleau
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  • Eco-Design
  • Ideal for Beginners and Training

The Cornilleou Softbat Duo Pack is the world's first eco-design table tennis bat. It is the first 'green' racket made from recycled clothing.

Features of Cornilleau Softball Duo Set

  • Dynamic composite rubber provides a good overall speed
  • Playing surface that creates some spin but not too much
  • The recycled thermoplastic blade makes this an extremely solid bat
  • Resistant to impacts, UV rays, and humidity
  • Round ergonomic handle with soft-touch grip which is comfortable to use
  • Softbats are made by recycling cotton and polyester fabrics
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