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Laperva Triple Mass Gainer, Milk Chocolate, 13 LB

Laperva Triple Mass Gainer, Milk Chocolate, 13 LB in UAE

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By Laperva
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  • More Than 59 Grams of High-Quality Protein
  • 260 Grams of Carbohydrates
  • 1500mg Of Added Creatine Blend
  • Rich In Vitamins and Minerals and Digestion Enzymes
  • 10 gm of BCAA's Essential Amino Acids

Laperva Triple Mass Gainer is rich in protein for energy saving and high nutritional value. Contains digestive enzymes that digest proteins and carbohydrates and aid in the process of digestion, and carbohydrates to give the body energy and contribute to muscle growth, and protein is a quick source for building muscle, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that help build muscle, and glutamine, a nutritional supplement to relieve the pain of exercise caused by Muscle demolition. The product has the advantage that it is intended for athletes, especially in competitions or tests that are subject to the detection of doping.

Features of Laperva Triple Mass Gainer

  • Milk chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavor
  • Increase muscle growth rates.
  • Provide energy for the body
  • 1.5 g creatine
  • 5 g glutamine
  • 10 g of BCAA
  • 19 vitamins and minerals
  • 260 g of carbohydrate /Serving
  • 1316 Kcal Per Serving
  • High Protein (59 g/Serving)
  • 150 mg digestive enzymes (Enzymes Blend)
  • Suitable for Athletes (Weight gain and bulk muscle) 
  • Training day: Mix one scoop (175g) of laperva triple mass with 400-500ml of milk or water two times daily between meals and after the workout. Blend the mixture 60 to 120 seconds before use.

  • Off day: Mix one scoop (175g) of Laperva Triple Mass with 400-500ml of milk or water between meals. Blend the mixture 60 to 120 seconds before use. 

  • For additional calories: You can add whole milk and other foods such as peanut butter, oatmeal, bananas, and other fruits.

  • consuming must be stopped two weeks before surgeries.

  • Consult your physician if you are taking any medicines or if you are consuming them for more than 6 months.

  • Store in a cold dry place, below 25c.

  • Exposure to sunlight directly or humidity may cause product damage.

Laperva Triple Mass Ganier

Faisal Mohammed Ahmed

Laperva Triple Mass Ganier

Before using Tril Mass, my weight was 54 kg. After using it, it benefited me significantly, and my weight increased by approximately 6 to 7 kg.

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Triple Mass

I have been using Lagerva Triple Mass since last week had a great experience one week I gained almost 1.5kg. after using protein and with Consultation from Dr. Nutrition, Spinneys.

Thank you Dr. Nutrition, Spinneys
Shahin Ali

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Triple mass

Triple Mass is an excellent product for gaining mass, and results are noticeable within a month.
Used it for three months, and it increased my weight by approximately 8 kilograms.

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Laperva triple mass

Name: Muhammad Al-Omari
Product: Triple Mass Protein
Khamis Mushait branch (branches in the military city)

I came to the branch and I weighed 70 kilos and after using the product
By continuing with the exercises and products, the weight increased to 83 kg in 6 months

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Laperva Triple mass

Name: Mohamed Yassin 
Branch: AL Moroj  ABHA 
Product: Triple Mass Gainer

I am using Mass Gainer since 10 Month

This Product is Good for Mass Gain

Thanks DNP and Team

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Laperva Triple mass

Name: Saleh Imad Mutairan
Product: Triple Mass
branch : Waziriya Jeddah

A mild product on the abdomen and I noticed the opposite of other products in abdominal pain
After using it for 7 months

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laperva Triple Mass

I am happy with triple mass Before my weight was 64 when I used it Two times and bought it my weight Reached 70 kg.
I recommend to everyone to try this triple mass will give you good. Result
Tahir / 0552075656

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