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Laperva Weight Gainer, Vanilla, Vanilla

Laperva Weight Gainer, Vanilla, Vanilla in UAE

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By Laperva
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AED 340.72
  • High-Quality Proteins
  • Complex Of Carbohydrates & Lipids
  • Natural Flavours
  • Rich in Micronutrients

Laperva Weight Gainer Australian Natural Body Weight Gainer contains a protein blend (full spectrum whey protein concentrate, calcium protein, whey protein, and soy protein) to eliminate poor appetite. Build a strong, healthy body with an essential amino acid formula for muscle recovery and muscle protein development. It helps in the health of the digestive system in your body.

Features of Laperva Weight Gainer

  • Contains fructose fruit sugar
  • Contains maltodextrin
  • Contains Dextrose
  • Contains fiber (inulin)
  • Contains Whey Protein
  • Contains Calcium Caseinate Protein
  • Contains Soy Protein

For adults shake or blend 30g (one sachet) of Natural Bodies Weight Gainer with 400 ml milk twice daily between meals(from 10 to 14 years mixed with 200 ml milk only).

This product is not suitable as a complete milk food for children under the age of two years.

 Milk & Soy (lecithin).

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