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Mivita Sucralose Zero Calories, 100 Sticks

Mivita Sucralose Zero Calories, 100 Sticks in UAE

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  • Zero Calories
  • Suitable for Diet and Diabetics

Mivita is the delicious sweetener alternative to sugar for a healthier life, every day.

Features of Mivita Sucralose Zero Calories  

With its full range, Mivita is committed to offering the most and best-tasting choice of sweetener products:

Mivita Original (red range):  the original sweetener with a great taste, made with Aspartame and Acesulfame K. 

Mivita Sucralose (yellow range): delicious taste, which has been formulated with  Sucralose.  

Mivita Stevia (green range): a great new zero-calorie tasting sweetener, formulated with extracts of the Stevia plant.

Daily Usage: 1 tablet
Use to naturally sweeten you favorite beverages and food. Sweeten to taste. Remember a little BetterStevia goes a long way.

Keep in cool and dry place.
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