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Nutrex Research Glutamine Pure, Unflavored, 60, Muscle Recovery, Immnue Support

Nutrex Research Glutamine Pure, Unflavored, 60, Muscle Recovery, Immnue Support

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By Nutrex Research
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  • Muscle Recovery
  • Immnue Support

Nutrex Research Glutamine is a Crucial Nutrient for Muscle Growth, Comprising 60% of Muscle Amino Acids. This Vital Supply Diminishes Due to Intense Training, Dieting, and Stress, Leading to Muscle Breakdown. Supplementing With L-glutamine Maintains Optimal Levels, So Your Muscle Growth and Recovery Are Optimized. Glutamine Pure Offers Pure, Unflavored L-glutamine That Mixes Easily Into Any Beverage. Include It in Your Post-workout Routine to Accelerate Muscle Repair and Prime Your Muscles for Faster Growth. Get Your Supply of Glutamine Pure Today.

Features of Nutrex Research Glutamine Pure

  • Enhanced Muscle Tissue Repair: Promotes Swift Recovery and Faster Progress, Ensuring Optimal Muscle Growth and Performance.
  • Boosts Muscle Protein Synthesis: Increases Endurance and Strength, Allowing You to Perform at Your Highest Level Longer.
  • Supports Immune Health: Glutamine Nourishes Immune Cells, Bolstering Your Body's Defense Mechanisms and Overall Immune System.




Take 1-2 Servings Per Day With 6-8 Oz of Water or Any Beverage of Your Choice. 
Glutamine is Best Taken in the Morning and Before Bedtime. 
On Training Days Take 1 Serving Right After Your Workout

Warning: Do Not Use if Pregnant or Nursing. 
Keep Out of Reach of Children
Store in a Cool, Dry Place Away From Direct Sunlight and Humidity (60-80°f).

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