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Optitect Antibacterial Reusable Face Mask, M

Optitect Antibacterial Reusable Face Mask, M in UAE

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By Optitect
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AED 15.01 AED 63.80
  • Resist Bacteria and Germs
  • Washable For Long-Term Use
  • Easy Breathing
  • Block UV Rays

Optitect Antibacterial Reusable Face Mask is made of special fabric and minerals with high capacity, anti-bacterial and germ-resistant as a result of the patented copper and silver threads, cooling, softness and comfort, suitable for long-term multiple use, ensuring superior protection

Features of Optitect Antibacterial Reusable Face Mask

  • Its ability to resist bacteria and germs
  • Made of materials that provide a cooling effect and maintain excellent levels of breathability
  • Easy breathing to ensure comfort when used for long periods
  • Blocks UV rays and provides extra protection.
  • Made of high quality fabric without irritants
  • Multi-wash for long-term use.
  • It has a moisture repellent coating.
  • The mask is available in black
  • Available in two sizes, large and medium

Stay protected with our universal fabric mask, which offers a soft, secure and comfortable layer of security. this style is comfortable and allows for easy adjustments

Wash in water temperature less than 30 ° C and prevent the use of oxygen cleaners or chlorine bleaches, dry in the shade away from sunlight without exposing it to heat or iron.

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  • Korea, South
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