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Dr Nutrition UAE
Procurves Plus, 60 Tablets

Procurves Plus, 60 Tablets in UAE

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By 500 Cosmetics
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  • Promote Natural Breast Increase
  • Stimulate Blood Circulation in The Pectoral Area
  • Enable The Development of Thin Gland Tissues

ProCurves Plus is the number one breast enlarging supplement around today; 100% natural ingredients and recommended by professionals. Many women, during puberty, do not get to develop the entire capacity of their breasts due to hormonal causes, a bad diet, lack of vitamins or minerals…leaving them feeling insecure about how they look and feel. But with Procurves Plus helps raise and firm the pectoral area, which improves the overall appearance and gives greater confidence. It incorporates Bioperine, which facilitates the absorption of the components.

Features Of Procurves Plus

  • Natural Results Without the Need for Surgery
  • Powerful Formula with Natural Ingredients
  • 81% Active Ingredients. Procurves Plus Is a Vegan Product, Free of Artificial Colors, Gluten

1 Capsule, Twice Per Day

Clinical Trials Have Shown Zero Negative Side Effects from Taking the Procurves Supplement.
If However, You Do Experience Any Side-Effects Such as Breast Pain, You May Wish to Lower Your Dose from Two to One Tablet A Day or Discuss Taking Procurves with Your Doctor

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