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RYSE Loaded Greens, Orange Burst, 30, Detox, Energy, Digestion

RYSE Loaded Greens, Orange Burst, 30, Detox, Energy, Digestion

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AED 165.00
  • Detox
  • Energy
  • Digestion

RYSE Loaded Greens is an All-in-one Daily Health and Wellness Superfoods Powder. Through the Inclusion of Greens Balance and Bettaberries, Loaded Greens Provides Essential Micronutrients, Antioxidants, and Vitamins to Support Natural Energy and a Healthy Immune System. This Superfood Powerhouse Also Supports Proper Digestion and Gut Health With Sukre Fiber. Furthermore, Ryse Loaded Greens Contains Zero Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Sweeteners While Providing Best-in-class Taste!

Features of RYSE Loaded Greens

  • Low-calorie Supplement: Contains Only 30 Calories Per Serving.
  • Rich in Dietary Fiber: Provides 2 Grams of Dietary Fiber Per Serving, Supporting Digestive Health.
  • Low in Sugar: Less Than 1 Gram of Total Sugar Per Serving.
  • Source of Protein: Contains 1 Gram of Protein Per Serving.
  • High in Vitamin C: Provides 30mg of Vitamin C, Which is 35% of the Daily Recommended Value, Supporting Immune Health.
  • Contains Essential Minerals: Includes Calcium (40mg), Iron (2.1mg), Sodium (12mg), and Potassium (140mg), Contributing to Overall Health.
  • Organic Greens Blend: Includes 2,500mg of Organic Greens Such as Wheatgrass, Alfalfa Grass, Barley Grass, Kale, Oat Grass, Spirulina, Lemon Juice Powder, Chlorella, and Astragalus, Promoting Overall Wellness.
  • Antioxidant-rich Blend: Contains 1,000mg of an Antioxidant Blend With Acai, Pomegranate, Goji, Acerola, Mangosteen, Amla, Strawberry, Cranberry, and Maqui Berry Powders, Helping to Fight Free Radicals.
  • Hydration Support: Includes 200mg of Freeze-dried Coconut Water Powder for Hydration.
  • Beetroot Juice Powder: Provides 200mg of Organic Beetroot Juice Powder, Known for Supporting Cardiovascular Health.
  • Chlorella Powder: Contains 200mg of Organic Chlorella Powder, Known for Its Detoxifying Properties.
  • Natural Ingredients: Made With Purified Acacia Hydrolysate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Silica, Reb M From Fermented Sugarcane, and Monk Fruit Extract, Ensuring a Natural Supplement.

Mix 1 Level Scoop of Ryse Loaded Greens With 8-10oz of Water or Beverage of Choice. Vary Amount of Liquid to Taste. Consume Daily. Bettaberries, Cocoganic® and Green Balance Alkalizing Blend® Are Trademarks Owned by Np Nutra.

Warning: RYSE Up Products Are Intended Only for Healthy Adults Over the Age of 18. Do Not Use if You Are Currently Pregnant or Nursing, Could Be Pregnant, or Are Attempting to Become Pregnant. Consult a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner Before Using This Product. Discontinue Use and Contact your Doctor Immediately if You Experience an Irregular or Apo Heart Beat, Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath Dizziness Lightheadedness, Fainting or Presyncope, Tremors, Headache Nausea, or Other Similar Symptoms. If You Are a Performance Athlete, Please Check With Your Sanctioning Body Prior to Use to Ensure Compliance. Do Not Use if You Are Currently Taking Nitrates for Chest Pain or if You Are Taking Medication to Theat Erectile Dysfunction Such as Pde-5 Inhibitors

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