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Slender Chef BBQ Sweet & Smokey Sauce, 350 ML

Slender Chef BBQ Sweet & Smokey Sauce, 350 ML

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By Slender Chef
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  • Low-Calorie Sauce
  • Sugar Free & Fat Free
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  • Healthy Foods & Snacks
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With its BBQ Sweet & Smokey Sauce, Slender Chef has succeeded in creating a calorie-free BBQ sauce with full character - completely without mixing in unnecessary calories from sugar and fat. With Slender Chef, you can drastically lower your calorie intake compared to the traditional and energy-rich BBQ sauce - which is full of both fat and sugar. So whether you go on a diet or not, you can now enjoy freshly marinated meat with full flavor while avoiding unwanted calories. Slender Chef BBQ sauce can also be used as a flavor enhancer in sauces.

Features of Slender Chef BBQ Sweet & Smokey Sauce

  • Tasty and good with meat and chicken
  • Is sugar-free
  • Is fat-free.
  • Is calorie-free.


Good as an accompaniment to meat and chicken.

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