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Source Naturals Calcium Night , 60 Tablets, Support Bone Health, Support Skeletal Health

Source Naturals Calcium Night , 60 Tablets, Support Bone Health, Support Skeletal Health

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By Source Naturals
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AED 84.00
  • Support Bone Health
  • Support Skeletal Health
  • Optimal Calcium Forms

Source Naturals Calcium Night is Specially Formulated for Nighttime Use, Ensuring Continuous Support Until Breakfast. While Daytime Food Intake Generally Maintains Adequate Blood Calcium Levels, Nighttime Supplementation Offers Additional Benefits. Renowned for Its Role in Bone and Teeth Formation, Calcium is Also Vital for Nerve Transmission, Muscle Movement, and Enzyme Functions. Calcium Night Features an Advanced Blend of Optimal Calcium Forms and Essential Co-nutrients, Including a 1:1 Ratio of Calcium to Magnesium, Plus Copper and Manganese, to Support a Healthy Skeletal System.

Features of Source Naturals Calcium Night 

  • Optimal Nighttime Calcium Formula Ensures Continuous Support for Bone Health Until the Next Morning.
  • The Advanced Blend Includes a Balanced 1:1 Ratio of Calcium and Magnesium for Skeletal Support.
  • Contains Essential Co-nutrients Like Copper and Manganese to Enhance Overall Bone Strength and Health.

To Maximize Calcium Utilization, Take 1 Tablet at Breakfast and Dinner, and 2 Tablets at Bedtime

Warning: if You Are Pregnant, May Become Pregnant, or Breastfeeding, Consult Your Health Care Professional Before Using This Product.
Do Not Use if Either Tamper-evident Seal is Broken or Missing. Keep Out of the Reach of Children.

Allergies: Contains Soy.

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