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XS Natural Slim Cream For Men, 200 ML, Increases the Results of Dieting and Exercise

XS Natural Slim Cream For Men, 200 ML, Increases the Results of Dieting and Exercise

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AED 288.75
  • Increases the Results of Dieting and Exercise
  • Helps Eliminate Unwanted Fat From Tricky Areas
  • Natural Ingredients That Work Together to Reduce Stretch Marks

XS Natural Slim Cream for Men is made from completely natural and exclusive ingredients intended to remove localized fat and redefine the contours of the body. It works especially on the abdomen and waist, as men tend to build up fat in these areas and are the most difficult to treat for the male body. This cream has anti-cellulite and diuretic properties and is an excellent fat burner

Features of XS Natural Slim Cream

  • Very effective cream that acts against localized fat, especially in the area of the abdomen and waist contour with great results.
  • Help in weight loss and reduce the contour of the body
  • It is rapidly absorbed and is especially suitable for men prone to accumulate fat in localized areas of their bodies.
  • It has no side effects and does not cause skin irritations


apply the reducing cream at least once a day; at night on the abdomen and waist
It can also be applied just before physical exercise
It is recommended that you combine the firming cream with exercise and diet to achieve maximum results

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