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AND Medical UA-611 Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 Piece

AND Medical UA-611 Blood Pressure Monitor, 1 Piece in Bahrain

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By And Medical
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BHD 12.55
  • The Ideal Home Use Monitor
  • Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) Indicator
  • 30 Record Memory + Average Reading

The simple one-touch measurement of this unit offers the user precise BP results. The 3-line display shows all the readings (systolic, diastolic, and pulse) simultaneously. It has 30-memory with an average reading displayed when recalling the stored data.

Features of AND Medical UA-611 Blood Pressure Monitor

  • A clear step toward a healthy lifestyle, the monitor benefits from extremely accurate Oscillometric BP measurement, first developed and patented by A&D back in 1984.
  • It also boasts A&D’s IHB (Irregular Heart Beat)/Circadian Rhythm analysis technology, pioneered by A&D in 2001 and now found on our entire range of blood pressure monitors. This A&D groundbreaking technology is now used worldwide assisting in the opportunistic detection of arrhythmias – which include Afib (or Atrial Fibrillation).
  • The device also utilizes the latest 3rd generation technology from A&D, with an easy one-button operation incorporating the advantage of automatic fuzzy logic controlled inflation.
  • The UA-611 is supplied with the Latex and metal-free, SlimFit™ Cuff (22-32cm) giving the user a more comfortable experience.
  • An additional 31-45 cm SlimFit™ Large cuff option (Latex and metal-free) can be ordered separately if needed.
  • The UA-611 is clinically validated to the world-recognized European Hypertension Society (ESH) guidelines so the user can have complete confidence in their readings.
  • The average value feature of the stored data (up to 30 readings) along with the WHO Blood pressure classification indicator allows the user to better control their management program.
  • The quality of the UA-611 allows A&D to offer the user a 5 Year Warranty (excluding batteries and Cuff).
  • The UA-611 provides the user with a leading cost-effective solution with the reassurance of advanced technology and ESH clinical validation

installing / Changing The Batteries
1. Remove the battery cover.
2. Remove the used batteries from the battery compartment in case of changing them.
3. Insert new batteries into the battery compartment as shown, taking care that the polarities (+) and (-) are correct.
4. Replace the battery cover. Use only R6P, LR6, or AA batteries.


1. Place the cuff on the arm at heart level (preferably the left arm). Sit quietly during measurement.
2. Press the _START_ button. All of the display segments are displayed. Zero is displayed blinking briefly. Then the display changes, as indicated in the figure at the right, as the measurement begins. The cuff starts to inflate. It is normal for the cuff to feel very tight. A pressure bar indicator is displayed, as in the figure at the right, during inflation.
Note: If you wish to stop inflation at any time, press the _START_ button again.
3. When inflation is complete, deflation starts automatically and the (heart mark) blinks, indicating that the measurement is in progress. Once the pulse is detected, the mark blinks with each pulse beat.
Note: If an appropriate pressure is not obtained, the device starts to inflate again automatically.
4. When the measurement is complete, the systolic and diastolic pressure readings and pulse rate are displayed. The cuff exhausts the remaining air and deflates completely.
5. Press the _START_ button again to turn off the power.
Note: Model UA-611 and UA-651 are provided with an automatic power shut-off function. 
Allow at least 3 minutes between measurements on the same person. 

 Insert the batteries as shown in the battery compartment. If installed incorrectly, the device will not work.
 When blink on the display and the device announces that the battery needs to be replaced, replace all batteries with new ones. Do not mix old and new batteries. It may shorten the battery life, or cause the device to malfunction. Replace the batteries two seconds or more after the device turns off. does not appear when the batteries are drained. The battery life varies with the ambient temperature and maybe shorter at low temperatures. Generally, four new R6P batteries will last approximately three months when used twice for measurement each day. Use the specified batteries only. The batteries provided with the device are for testing the device's performance and may have a limited life. Remove the batteries if the device is not to be used for a long time. The batteries may leak and cause a malfunction.
6.2. Connecting The Air Hose
 Insert the air connector plug into the air socket firmly.
6.3. Connecting The AC Adapter
 Insert the AC adapter plug into the DC jack. Then, insert the AC adapter into an electrical outlet. The AC adapter, the model TB-233C is sold separately.
 When disconnecting the AC adapter from the electrical outlet, grasp and pull the AC adapter body out of the outlet. When disconnecting the AC adapter plug from the blood pressure monitor, grasp, and pull the AC adapter plug out of the monitor.
6.4. Selecting The Correct Cuff
 Using the correct cuff size is important for an accurate reading. If the cuff is not the proper size, the reading may yield an incorrect blood
pressure value. The arm size is printed on each cuff. The index and proper fit range, on the cuff, tell you if you are applying the correct cuff. Refer to "6.5 Applying The Arm Cuff".
 If the index points outside of the range, contact your local dealer to purchase a replacement cuff. The arm cuff is consumable. If it becomes worn, purchase a new one.

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