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Axox Smith Trainer Set with Bench and Weights 1 Piece

Axox Smith Trainer Set with Bench and Weights

BHD 861.301
By Axox
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  • Targets Several Muscle Groups
  • Get a Full-Body Workout Safely and Effectively

Half power rack on the front of the machine to place a loose Olympic bar, place squats, bench press, shoulder press, etc. Multipower/Smith Machine includes forging machine with guided rods and linear bearings of the highest quality, providing smooth and quiet movement for heavy load training. Dual Adjustable Pulley pulley junction to maximize the number of exercises and types of workouts that can be performed on this machine.

Features of Axox Smith Trainer Set with Bench and Weights

  • Extremely compact multi-gym
  • Two adjustable pulleys and an integrated power cage
  • Ideal for the home studio, hotel gym, or first-class professional gym
  • 30mm Olympic pole with linear bearings
  • Coupling with multiple height positions
  • Two sets of weight plates of 100 kg with 5 kg increments
  • Standard roller system and bearings for smooth and noiseless movement
  • Airplane cables tested to the resistance of 1000 kg
  • Adjustable bench, Bicep accessories
  • Leg Developer, Accessories leg press
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