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AGU Compressor Nebulizer Balloon, 1 Piece

AGU Compressor Nebulizer Balloon, 1 Piece in Jordan

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  • Alleviates Congestion
  • Reduces Risk of Lung Infections
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The AGU Balloon compressor inhaler is almost silent and does not bother children. Its size and weight (170 g) make it extremely compact. The device is easy to use both at home and while traveling. The inhaler works with a micro USB cable - this allows inhalations at any time and place - in the car on the go, in the park, in the office, powered by a computer or an external battery. The inhaler can operate at a tilt of 45 °. The particle size (2.9 mm MMAD) and dusting rate (0.3 ml/min) make it suitable for inhalation therapy in all respiratory tract diseases.

Features of AGU Compressor Nebulizer Balloon

  • The compressor nebulizer AGU will not bother children with any noise and it is extremely compact.
  • The machine is very handy and is easily portable during trips. It can be operated from the power bank when the stationary power supply is
  • unavailable and can be inclined up to 45°. MMAD particle size is 2.9 um, spraying speed – 0.3 ml/min.

Technical Specs

  • Compact - its weight is 170 g; gathers in a handbag;
  • Particle size 2.9 µm MMAD - suitable for all respiratory diseases;
  • Spraying rate ≥ 0.3 ml/min;
  • Low noise level ≤ 45 dBA - almost silent;
  • Operating mode - can operate with a 45 ° cup tilt;
  • Operating mode - can work with a USB cable - this allows for inhalation in the car or in the office (works plugged into the computer).

Simply switch on the device, place your finger on the opening and place the aspirator at the baby’s nostrils.

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