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Dawson Sports Soft Plyo Box 3 in 1

Dawson Sports Soft Plyo Box

JOD 182.401
By Dawson Sports
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  • Increase Your Strength Endurance Agility
  • Helps to Fast Weight Loss
  • Great for Cardio

Our soft plyo box is a must-have for any gym or fitness studio. High-density foam provides a dense surface to land without grazing your shins if you miss. A single heavy block of foam won’t move even at the highest height. Simply rotate the box for the next height. Your choice of 50cm, 60cm, and 75cm - all in one box.

Features of Dawson Sports Soft Plyo Box

  • 3-LAYERED CONSTRUCTION: With its vinyl cover and EVA foam forming the surface outside of a strong wooden core, Yes4All Soft Plyo Box Wooden Core is made of 3 layers of materials that combine into a perfect mixture of comfort and firmness
  • MULTIFACETED: Each box offers 3 different height options (20” x 18” x 16”), enabling you to add more variety to your plyometric box training and practice according to the difficulty level of your own choosing
  • SAFE AND SECURE: The PVC surface helps your feet grip significantly better than on a wooden surface, preventing accidental slipping and reducing injury risks to a minimum, with the EVA foam underneath absorbing pressure and protecting the box
  • HIGH WEIGHT CAPACITY: Due to its strong, quality construction, Yes4All Soft Plyo Box Wooden Core is capable of holding up to 440lbs and absorbing heavy pressure, offering maximum support and safety during intense workout sessions
  • ULTIMATE TRAINING EQUIPMENT: The plyo boxes can help drastically improve your performance with HIIT, CrossFit workouts, and a huge selection of plyometric exercises such as box jumps, step-ups, box dips, and many more
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