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Dr Wolz Pro Aktiv Komplex, 80 Capsules

Dr Wolz Pro Aktiv Komplex, 80 Capsules

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By Dr. Wolz
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  • Support Bones & Cartilages Health
  • Contains Chondroitin & Glucosamine,
  • Promotes a Healthy Collagen Formation

PRO Aktiv Komplex is a carefully composed combination of micronutrients for the supply of bones and cartilages. Our joints need to be supplied with additional micronutrients especially with increasing age or due to physical stress such as sports or increased body weight. Bones and cartilages that are well supplied or subjected to normal stress are durable and able to function for a lifetime. The higher loads of sports, physical work, or increased body weight are, all the more important is a sufficient supply of nutrients.

Features Of DR. WOLEZ Pro Aktiv Komplex

  • Support bones and cartilages Health
  • Contains chondroitin, glucosamine, and omega-3
  • Vitamin C for strong bones and cartilages
  • Promotes a healthy collagen formation
  • Free Of Gluten, lactose, fructose, and colorants.

To get the desired effects to take 3 joint capsules as well as 1 Omega-3-fatty acid capsule daily during a meal with some water. 

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