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Laperva Dumbbell Shaker, Blue, 2.5 L, It is Versatile and Fit for all Outdoor Sports

Laperva Dumbbell Shaker, Blue, 2.5 L, It is Versatile and Fit for all Outdoor Sports

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JOD 9.40
  • It is Versatile and Fit for all Outdoor Sports
  • Easy to Carry

Laperva Dumbbell Shaker

This large capacity water bottle is made from petg advanced and safe and durable bpa-free food-grade plastic. Made with an extra 40g of plastic compared to others, stronger and more durable. Obviously the huge capacity. This corresponds to daily water intake. Transparent outlook, easy to check how much water you need to hold and how much water you have got. The sports water bottle is designed with an anti-slip handle, therefore stable handle brings advantages. Sturdy carry handle to the back also a push cap, easy to carry. Fashionable to be with this beautiful design, and also a great gift for your loved ones or sports lovers. Ideal for outdoor sports like bodybuilding, playing basketball, camping trips, to the gym, etc. All general exercise and fitness activities indoors or outdoors keep you hydrated throughout, or simply to stay hydrated office or at home or in work bodybuilding, weight loss, camping, traveling, exercise, and all other outdoor sports.

Wash Before Using. Lid Is Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe. Hand Washing the Cup Is Recommended to Preserve Its Finish.
Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals (Such as Bleach, Abrasives, Etc.).
Do Not Microwave, Freeze, Or Boil. Not For Use with Hot or Carbonated Liquids.
Avoid Accidental Opening of The Bottle by Keeping the Button Free and Clear of Other Objects.
Use the Lock to Help Avoid Accidental Opening.


Do Not Use The Shaker With Hot Or Warm Fluids. Shaking Hot Fluids In A Sealed Container Can Cause A Build Up Of Pressure, Causing The Contents To Be Forced Out Of The Lid When Opened.

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