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Laperva Portable Steam Sauna Room, Silver, It Works on All Parts of the Body

Laperva Portable Steam Sauna Room, Silver, It Works on All Parts of the Body

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JOD 161.50
  • It Works on All Parts of the Body
  • Weight Loss
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Pain Relief
  • Detoxification & Skin Cleansing

Features of Laperva Portable Steam Sauna Room

  • helps lose weight
  • Helps rejuvenate skin cells
  • Helps relieve stress
  • It treats muscle and joint pain.
  • Helps detox for health
  • Removes fatigue, restores oxygen and energy
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • Feeling relaxed and comfortable
  • Promotes sleep and rest
  • Strengthens the skin with vitality and vitality
  • Improving blood circulation, which strengthens the immune system

Easy assembly method

1 . Get the lower tubes.
2 . Open the tubes in the four corners.
3 . Get the back tube.
4. Open the tube in the form of a letter U
5 . Connect the bottom and rear tubes.
6. Connect the front pipes after connecting the side and rear pipes.
7 . Connect the front tube to the side tubes.
How to use

1 . Open the sauna room according to the assembly instructions for the device.
2 . Fill the water tank with pure water, preferably distilled water, to avoid precipitation of salts.
3. Bring the "short" steam hose and connect it to the steam outlet with the sauna.
4. Green the "long" steam hose and connect the sauna device with the console.
5 . Put the chair inside the sauna

Cautions of using the sauna device The sauna device should not be used in the following cases:
 People with cardiovascular disease suffer from hyperthermia.
 People suffering from high blood pressure, stress and hypoglycemia.
They suffer from disorders of the nervous system.
When drinking alcoholic beverages.
If the doctor forbids it.
 Those who suffer from severe cold.
It is recommended to use the device for 30 minutes.
If you use a heating source, it must be ensured, if you are a heating source, make sure the mains after each use. by specialized technicians.  Do not pull the power cord forcefully from the plug.
1. The sauna is not a medical device and is not used for therapeutic purposes.
2. If you feel dizzy, drowsy, or uncomfortable, stop using the device immediately.
3. Medicinal herbs are only used in the sauna bath and not orally.

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