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Laperva Spin Bike, 1 Piece, Strengthen Heart Muscle, Tighten The Buttocks & Hips

Laperva Spin Bike, 1 Piece, Strengthen Heart Muscle, Tighten The Buttocks & Hips

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JOD 417.79
  • Strengthen Heart Muscle
  • Tighten The Buttocks & Hips
  • Burning Whole Body Fats

Features of Laperva Spin Bike

  • Helps build muscle
  • helps lose weight
  • Reduces the burden on the joints of the body and relieves joint pain
  • Helps to stimulate the heart muscle
  • Supports the building and strengthening of legs
  • Suitable for the elderly
  • Strengthen and strengthen the muscles of the lower extremities
  • Helps burn body fat
  • Helps burn fat and strengthen and sculpt the buttocks

Heating and Cooling Down:

The exercise program consists of a warm-up, aerobic exercise and cool-down. Perform the entire program at least twice and preferably three times a week.

After several months you can increase your workouts to four or five times a week.

heating stage:

The purpose of the warm-up is to prepare the body for exercise and reduce injuries. Warm up for 2-5 minutes before vigorous or aerobic training.

Do activities that raise your heart rate and warm up your muscles like brisk walking, jogging, jumping and jumping rope


Stretch while your muscles are hot after a proper warm-up and again after your intense training or aerobic session. Muscles elongate and stretch more easily at these times due to their high temperature, which greatly reduces the risk of injury. The stretches should take 15 to 30 seconds.

exercise phase:

This is the stage of exertion. After regular exercise, the leg muscles become more flexible. Work out at your own pace and make sure you keep your pace steady at all times.

The exercise rate should be sufficient to raise the heart rate to the target area.

Cool-down phase:

The purpose of calming down is to return the body to its normal or close to normal position at the end of each sports session. Correct sedation slowly lowers the heart rate and allows blood to return to the heart.

- Safety and maintenance instructions and instructions
- Once assembled, check that there are no loose bolts or nuts.
- Everything must be enclosed in a place for protection.
- Cable: Check the protection cable, everything should be in place for protection.
- Check the seat position, make sure the pedals are properly secured and the pedals are secured, as well as the steering wheel.
It is recommended to lubricate all moving parts once a month.
- Refrain from wearing loose clothing as it may get stuck in moving parts.
- Never attempt to remove your feet from the pedals while they are in motion.
- Always use athletic shoes when using the device.
- Wipe the device after each use to remove sweat and moisture (you can use a soft towel with soft soap and water, do not use wax or any detergents or pesticides to clean the device).
 - Please keep children away from the device during use (children under eight should not use the device).
Do not get off the device until the pedals have stopped completely.
 - If you feel nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath or any other condition, stop immediately and take a rest.
Keep fingers and small objects away from all pre-installed parts.

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