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Muscletech Shaker, 600 ML

Muscletech Shaker, 600 ML in Jordan

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By Muscletech
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  • It is Versatile and Fit for all Outdoor Sports
  • Easy to Carry

Get your own protein shake in seconds with Muscletech Shaker. Easy to use clear protein shaker. It is easy to add liquids and flavors and mix them with your protein shake with ease.

The clear Muscletech Shaker has engraved markings for ounces and millimeters.

Features Muscletech Shaker.

  • easy to use .
  • Factory of the finest materials.
  • Provided with measuring marks.
  • Ease of carrying it anywhere.
  • Resistant to odors and stains.

Do Not Use The Shaker With Hot Or Warm Fluids. Shaking Hot Fluids In A Sealed Container Can Cause A Build Up Of Pressure, Causing The Contents To Be Forced Out Of The Lid When Opened

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