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Redcon1 MOAB, Cherry Lime, 30, Keto Friendly, Sugar Free, Gluten Free

Redcon1 MOAB, Cherry Lime, 30, Keto Friendly, Sugar Free, Gluten Free

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  • Keto Friendly
  • Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free

Redcon1 MOAB is the Mother of All Builders as in Muscle Builders. Utilizing a Combination of Anabolic and Anti-catabolic Ingredients, Moab Limits Muscle Breakdown and Supports Muscle Growth Helping You Achieve Superior Muscle Building Faster, the Natural Way.

Features of Redcon1 MOAB

  • 520mg of Calcium is an Essential Mineral That Promotes Bone Health, Supports Muscle Contraction, and Supports the Healthy Functioning of the Nervous System.
  • 1,000mg HICA a Metabolite of Leucine (Bcaa – Responsible for Initiating Muscle Protein Synthesis).
  • 50mg Astragintm Derived From Astragalus and Panax Notoginsing, Astragintm Improves the Bioavailability of Each Ingredient
  • 300mg Epicatechin an Extract of Green Tea, Helps Reduce the Level of Myostatin (Triggers the Muscle to Stop Building), Thus Allowing the Muscle to Grow. Epicatechin Also Increases Nitric Oxide Resulting in a Better Pump

Mix (1) Scoop With 8-12 Ounces of Water Take 30 Minutes Prior to Training

Moab is Formulated for Athletic People of All Skill Sets Looking to Get Size and Strength. Moab is for Men and Women Over the Age 18.

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