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Source Naturals Echinacea Root, 100 Capsules, 500 mg

Source Naturals Echinacea Root, 100 Capsules, 500 mg in Jordan

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By Source Naturals
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JOD 9.31
  • Boost Immunity
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce Symptoms of Upper Respiratory Infections

Echinacea species are native to areas east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Echinacea seems to activate chemicals in the body that decrease inflammation. It might also increase the body's immune system. Echinacea is most commonly used for the common cold and other infections

Features of Source Naturals Echinacea Root

  • One of North America's most celebrated and relied upon botanicals for mobilizing our natural immune defenses
  • Of all the natural immune-stimulating herbs available, echinacea is the most effective and well-researched herbs
  • Helps boost your well being

take one (1) capsule  daily

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