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Teami Makeup Remover Tea Infused Facial Cloths, 24 Cloths

Teami Makeup Remover Tea Infused Facial Cloths, 24 Cloths

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By Teami
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  • Organic Makeup Remover Cloths
  • Gentle and Nourishing for All Skin Types
  • GMO-free

Teami Makeup Remover Tea Infused Facial Cloths Take Off the Day With Our Organic Makeup Remover Cloths! Naturally, Cleanse and Moisturize Your Skin on the Go With Our Individually Wrapped, Travel-sized Cloths - Perfect for That Busy-babe Lifestyle! 

Thoughtfully Formulated With Hydrating and Nourishing, Plant-based Superfoods, Your Skin Will Feel Clean, Soft, and Radiant After Each Use! (No Shady Ingredients Included!)

Features Of Teami Makeup Remover Tea Infused Facial Cloths:

  • Aloe Vera - Known as a Natural Moisturizer and Bursting With Hydrating Properties, Aloe Vera Has Been Used for Centuries for Soothing All Skin Types.
  • Cucumber Extract - an Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Agent, Cucumber Extract is Known for Its Cooling Effect on the Skin.
  • Coconut Oil- This Oil Naturally Attracts Dirt and Buildup to Gently Clean Skin Complexion and Leave It Hydrated, Smooth and Soft! 


Open and Unfold Your Individually Wrapped Makeup Remover Wipe.
Gently Wipe With the Unfolded Cloth Going Over Face and Neck to Remove Dirt, Oil and Makeup or Just Cleanse Daily Sweat Off Your Skin!
Use Both Sides of Our Organic Cloth to Get the Most Use!
Rinsing is Optional

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