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Enhanced Eaa, Fruit Punch, 30, 9.7 GM of EAA per serving, Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis

Enhanced Eaa, Fruit Punch, 30, 9.7 GM of EAA per serving, Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis

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KES 3,441.24
  • 9.7 GM of EAA per serving
  • Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Non-Stimulant Nootropic Blend

ENHANCED EAA+ Provides Exactly What You Need for Maximum Muscle Growth. Each Serving Of EAA+ Delivers Over 10g Of Clinically Dosed Essential Amino Acids, A Nitric Oxide Blend, a Non-Stimulant Nootropic Blend, an Electrolyte Blend, a B-Vitamin Blend, and A Fat Oxidation and Muscle Insulin Sensitivity Blend.

Features of Enhanced Eaa

  • Nitric Oxide blend
    VASO6 100mg
    Ascorbic acid 250mg
    The primary purpose of nitric oxide is to promote vasodilation and increase blood flow. The nitric oxide blend in EAA+ increases blood flow which leads to bigger muscle pumps, better endurance, and faster recovery.
  • Non-stimulant nootropic blend
    Choline bitartrate 500mg
    Alpha GPC 50% 300mg
    Phosphatidylserine 20%  100mg
    A nootropic is a substance that naturally enhances memory and cognitive function without the use of stimulants.
    Nootropics are very useful for warding off fatigue and increasing endurance capabilities during training.
    The nootropic blend in EAA+ facilitates the activity of neurotransmitters involved in learning, memory and mood.

  • Electrolyte blend
    Magnesium bisglycinate 10mg
    Potassium gluconate  6mg
    Himalayan pink sea salt 40mg
    Bodily functions like muscle contractions depend on electrolytes.
    In fact, electrolytes are needed by every cell in the human body and are essential for nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy production, nutrient metabolism, bone integrity and cell formation. Athletes are at high risk for being deficient in electrolytes since they lose electrolytes in sweat during exercise.
    The electrolytes blend in EAA+ helps balance your body’s pH levels, preventing muscle cramps and improving endurance.


  • B vitamin blend
    Biotin 500mcg
    Methylated B12  50mg
    Vitamin B6 3mg
    B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. Specifically, B vitamins plays an essential role in converting fat, carbohydrate and protein into adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP). The B-vitamin blend in EAA+ ensures that the brain and muscles communicate efficiently, which optimizes muscle growth and fat breakdown.


  • Fat Oxidation and Muscle Insulin Sensitivity Blend
    L-carnitine tartrate 1g
    Chromium picolinate 12mcg
    The fat oxidation blend in EAA+ helps transport fatty acids into your cells’ mitochondria, burning these fats to create usable energy. The muscle insulin sensitivity blend regulates the actions of insulin, which controls blood sugar levels, and enhances fat loss.

For sustained daily muscle fuel take 1 scoop anytime of day. For fasting or use as a meal replacement use 2 scoops

Store This Product In A Cool Dry Place, Away From Children.

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