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Axox Home Gym 1 Piece

Axox Home Gym

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By Axox
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  • Aircraft-Rated Cables at 2000 lb Tensile Strength
  • High and Low Pulleys for Upper Body Exercises

Axox Home Gym is Single Comprehensive Training Device

Features of Axox Home Gym

  • "Model Number AX-DS916
  • Station Home use
  • Station Single Comprehensive Training Device
  • Function More than 30
  • Weight 15+1 pieces (72Kg)
  • Structure Big
  • Asphalt Damping Weight 144Kg
  • Load Bearing 258Kg
  • Net Weight 165Kg
  • Fixed Pulley 30
  • Features of each pulley Anti-shedding
  • Weights 72 kg
  • Chest press felt resistance Up to 105 kg
  • Butterfly felt resistance Up to 43 kg (x2)
  • Lat pulldown and Low pulley felt resistance Up to 84 kg
  • Number of weights 16 plates (4.5 kg each)
  • Weight cover Vinyl
  • protection Protection shroud
  • Frame 50 x 70 x 1.5 mm
  • Cables Aircraft type, with 900 kg tension capacity
  • Training stations Chest (Presses, Pec Deck)
  • Lat Pulldown"
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