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Belkorn Activa Biscuits Chocolate 120 Gm

Belkorn Activa Biscuits

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By Activa
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  • Source of Iron
  • Rich in Fibres and Minerals
  • Low Sugar

Belkorn ACTIVA biscuits are delicious low sugar biscuits for anybody wanting to limit their sugar intake.
Low in sugar and reduced calories… ideal for enjoying without feeling guilty. for over 20 years, Belkorn has baked its low sugar biscuits using ingredients that all have a natural origin. Belkorn also uses fibers and maltitol to replace sugar. Maltitol is obtained from wheat and therefore still has a natural origin. However, as an ingredient, maltitol is not allowed to carry the organic label. Belkorn’s ACTIVA biscuits are free from preservatives, artificial flavoring, and coloring. By using unrefined ingredients, ACTIVA biscuits are rich in fibers and minerals, and all the important nutritional elements are retained. Furthermore, Belkorn only uses plant-based margarine without palm oil, and ACTIVA biscuits are fully vegetarian.

Features of Activa Biscuits – Low Sugar 150g

  • Belkorn has resolutely chosen organic ingredients which are prepared in a natural and environmentally friendly way.
  • Belkorn bakes delicious biscuits with a richer flavor, without any preservatives, artificial flavoring, or coloring
  • By using unrefined ingredients, Belkorn’s biscuits are rich in fibers and minerals, and all the important nutritional elements are retained
  • Excellent in taste with fibers and minerals

Diet biscuit, snack between meals.

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