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Kevin Levrone Anabolic Cuts, 30 Sachets

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Cuts, 30 Sachets in Kuwait

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By Kevin Levrone
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  • Burning of Excess Fat
  • Includes Diuretics
  • Helps Boost Metabolism

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Cuts Is Recommended for People Who Want to Take Care of Their Body Mass and Get Rid of Excessively Accumulated Fat Tissue. The Product is a Combination of Many Valuable Active Ingredients (Including Natural Adaptogens, Diuretics, and Components Supporting Digestion) – All of Them Have Been Selected in the Right Proportions and Obtained From High-quality Raw Materials, Which is a Guarantee of Safe Operation and Real Help in Shaping a Well-rounded Silhouette.

Features of Kevin Levrone Anabolic Cuts

  • An excellent option for people undergoing weight loss and professional athletes, e.g. in bodybuilding and CrossFit Multi-dimensional effect on the body – the holistic fat burner formula takes care of all the necessary issues which guarantees the effective reduction of fat tissue, effective fight against imperfections, and the necessary support while working on a slim figure
  • All in one formula – antioxidants, components supporting digestion, natural diuretics, adaptogens, and many others supporting weight loss
  • A generous portion of caffeine (including some from standardized extracts of green tea leaves and guarana seeds) helps increase energy levels and reduces signs of fatigue, supports cognitive function and exercise capacity, and supports weight loss
  • Chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract may exhibit cardioprotective properties Polyphenols, theaflavin, and EGCG found in standardized black and green tea extracts support weight management and weight loss
  • Choline supports normal fat metabolism and supports optimal liver function
  • L-tyrosine may be helpful for endurance exercise
  • Ginger extract and the gingerols it contains may help to enhance postprandial thermogenesis
  • Extracts of ashwagandha and bacopa minor are used for stress reduction and cognitive function support, among other things

Take the Contents of One Sachet (Tablets) With Food. Drink Plenty of Water.

Do Not Exceed the Recommended Daily Dose. Food Supplements Should Not Be Used as a Substitute for a Varied and Well-balanced Diet. Do Not Use if You Are Allergic to Any of the Supplement Compounds. Do Not Consume With Alcohol. Keep Out of Reach of Young Children. If You Take Medications, You Should Consult Your Doctor Before You Consume the Product. May Contain Nuts. Consumers Should Not Consume More Than 300 Mg of Egcg Per Day.

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