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Natural Factors Anti-cold Alcohol Free Herb Tincture Natural, 50 ML

Natural Factors Anti-cold Alcohol Free Herb Tincture Natural, 50 ML in Kuwait

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By Natural Factors
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  • Immune Booster
  • Reduce Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Decreases Severity of Cold and Flu Symptoms

If you are looking for a nutritional supplement that naturally strengthens immunity during a cold or flu, Natural Factors Anti-cold is the ideal supplement because it is alcohol-free as it prevents colds, speeds up the healing process, and relieves cold symptoms.

Natural Factors Anti-cold is an extract of echinacea that has been proven to be an effective treatment for respiratory infections and colds. It has a berry taste and is sugar free, so it is a product suitable for adults and children.

Features of Natural Factors Anti-cold Alcohol Free Herb Tincture Natural

  • It prevents colds and flu.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Speeds up the healing process after an injury and relieves symptoms.
  • Natural and free of sugar or alcohol.

Therapeutic use: At the first sign of a viral infection, take 1 softgel 5 times daily for the first 2 days. Take 1 softgel 3 times daily on subsequent days for up to 21 days.
Preventative use: For immune system support throughout the year, take 1 soft gel daily or as directed by a health practitioner.

Contains no artificial preservatives, colour or sweeteners; no corn, dairy, starch, wheat or yeast.

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