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Dr Nutrition Kuwait
Phiero Premium 30 Ml

Phiero Premium

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By 500 Cosmetics
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  • Helps to Attract the Opposite Sex
  • Improve the Capacity of Seduction
  • Increase Sexual Desire

Pheromones are responsible for attracting and generating a feeling of desire with which the man will improve his self-esteem thanks to the main pheromone he is composed of, through the nostrils these pheromones are perceived giving rise to a response in the brain that awakens sexual desire.

Features of Phiero Premium

  • Arouse attraction to the opposite sex
  • Improve the capacity of seduction
  • Greater confidence in personal relationships
  • Improve sexual encounters
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Get Rid  of shyness and tension

Vaporize with the spray as with any other perfume.

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