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Slender Chef Spicy Garlic, 350 ML

Slender Chef Spicy Garlic, 350 ML in Kuwait

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By Slender Chef
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  • Contains only 4 Kcal Per Serving
  • Sugar Free & Fat Free
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  • Healthy Foods & Snacks
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Low-calorie Spicy Garlic Sauce from Slender Chef is a spicy sauce with a taste of chili and garlic. The sauce contains only 4 kcal per serving and is completely free of sugar and fat. Perfect when you want to skip unnecessary calories. The sauce is also excellent as a base and seasoning in sauces when you prepare dishes that go well with the strong sauce. Add a little sauce at a time and taste afterward until you have a perfect strength and garlic taste

Features of Slender Chef Spicy Garlic

  • Only 4 kcal per serving
  • Taste of chili and garlic
  • Free from sugar and fat
  • Real heat from the chili

Use, for example, as a seasoning or as a base in sauces.

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