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Applied Nutrition Kre Alkalyn, 120 Capsules

Applied Nutrition Kre Alkalyn, 120 Capsules in Oman

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By Applied Nutrition
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  • Enhances Performance
  • Gain Strength & Helps to Build Muscle
  • Supports Muscle Recovery
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Applied Nutrition Kre Alkalyn is a new patented type of creatine in a drug delivery system that provides greater stability, absorption and stability, unlike traditional creatine, which is known for its short-term stability, which begins to break down and transform into di-creatinine when left in a liquid.

Applied Nutrition Kre Alkalyn has alkaline properties, not acidic, so it can resist stomach acid, so the product is fully utilized and delivered to the muscles without a large part of it being converted into creatinine.
Applied Nutrition Kre Alkalyn product provides greater effectiveness than regular creatine powder, thus allowing you to consume less and enjoy greater potency and effectiveness.

Features of Applied Nutrition Kre Alkalyn

  • Good source of creatine.
  • Increase muscle endurance and increase strength.
  • Certified Halal Product

Take 1 Serving Daily.
On Training Days, Take 1 Serving 1 Hour Before Exercise And Again Immediately After Exercise.

Check With A Qualified Health Professional Before Using This Product If You Are Under The Age Of 18, Pregnant Or Nursing A Baby, Or If You Have Any Known Or Suspected Medical Condition(S) And Or Are Taking Any Prescription Or OTC Medication(S).
Not To Be Used As A Substitute For A Varied Diet And Healthy Lifestyle.
Store This Product In A Cool Dry Place, Away From Children. Do Not Exceed The Suggested Use.

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