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Axox Power Rack & Smith Machine with Weight Bench 1 Piece

Axox Power Rack & Smith Machine with Weight Bench

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By Axox
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  • Adjustable Bench
  • Leg Developer & Accessories Leg Press
  • Standard Roller System and Bearings for Smooth and Noiseless Movement

Half power rack: on the front of the machine to place a loose Olympic bar, place squats, bench press, shoulder press, etc Multipower/Smith Machine: includes forging machine with guided rods and linear bearings of the highest quality, provides smooth and quiet movement for heavy load training.
Dual Adjustable Pulley: pulley junction to maximize the number of exercises and types of workouts that can be performed on this machine.

Features of Axox Power Rack & Smith Machine with Weight Bench

  • Extremely compact multi-gym
  • Two adjustable pulleys and an integrated power cage
  • Ideal for the home studio, hotel gym, or first-class professional gym
  • 30mm Olympic pole with linear bearings 
  • Coupling with multiple height positions
  • Two sets of weight Stacks of 100 kg with 5 kg increments 
  • Standard roller system and bearings for smooth and noiseless movement
  • Airplane cables tested to the resistance of 1000 kg
  • Adjustable bench, Bicep accessories
  • Leg Developer, Accessories leg press
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