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Axox Treadmill AT100 1 Piece

Axox Treadmill AT100

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By Axox
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  • Tighten the Buttocks & Hips
  • Easy storage

Axox Treadmill AT100 is a comfortable and effective workout machine. It comes with a foldable design and wheels;  It can be safely stored in a smaller space and has a 2.5 horsepower motor. Axox treadmills are among the best in the fitness industry, with innovative technology and sophisticated features. The treadmill has a consistent surface that is much easier to navigate than sidewalks, curbs, or trails, and there is less risk of tripping.

Features of Axox Treadmill AT100

  • 3.5Hp motor
  • 15 level incline
  • 5.5-inch digital display
  • Maximum User weight 130 kg
  • Speed ranges from 1-18 km/h
  • Running surface 20 x 60 inch
  • Burns calories faster
  • Foldable
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