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Dawson Sports Sand Bag 5 KG

Dawson Sports Sand Bag

OMR 19
By Dawson Sports
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  • Practice Virtually all Muscle Groups
  • Handles For Various Grip Angles
  • Resistance Allows you to Determine Optimal Training Intensity

Fitness Fit Bag provides a quick warm-up before your training. Its grip variations and ease of storage make the fit bag an excellent tool for fitness and ski training that you can carry from place to place without a problem. It has been proven useful during balance exercises, dynamic strength exercises, and balance training. 

Features of Dawson Sports Sand Bag

  • Practice in all directions, under any angle, and in any position
  • Practice virtually all muscle groups
  • Made of durable and high-quality nylon
  • Handles for various grip angles
  • Resistance allows you to determine optimal training intensity, according to your fitness level, the exercised muscle group, and the focus of your training
  • The bag can also be used for stretching exercises, providing much better effectiveness than classic exercises
  • When exercising major muscle groups, there is the functional impulse of the areas that are excluded in regular workouts
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