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Teami Renew Vit-C Eye Cream, 15 ML

Teami Renew Vit-C Eye Cream, 15 ML

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By Teami
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  • 100% Natural Clean Formula You Can Trust.
  • Awaken the Tired & Dull Skin Under Your Eyes
  • Super-hydrating, Vitamin C-rich Eye Cream
  • All Skin Types

Teami Renew Vit-C Eye Cream Energize Tired Eyes, a 100% Clean Formula That Works to Smooth the Appearance of Fine Lines, Firm the Look of Skin, and Nourish the Delicate Eye Region.

Uncover Your Natural Beauty and Deliver Instant Radiance to the Eye Area With Our Lightweight, Non-greasy, and Unscented Formula!

Features Of Teami Renew Vit-C Eye Cream:

  • Double Shot of Vitamin C From L-ascorbic Acid & Hibiscus Tea to Brighten the Appearance of Skin.
  • 5% Clean Plant Caffeine From Green Tea to Firm + Lift the Look of Skin.
  • Niacinamide, Known as Vitamin B3, Strengthens the Skin Barrier.
  • Matrixyl 3000, a Peptide That Can Support Skin's Natural Collagen Synthesis 

Apply With Your Ring Finger by Tapping From the Outside to the Inside of the Eye - Feel Free to Use Any Extra Product Around Your Eye / Brow Area

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