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Vitargo Carbohydrate Fuel, Mango, 4 LB, Promote Performance and Recovery

Vitargo Carbohydrate Fuel, Mango, 4 LB, Promote Performance and Recovery

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By Vitargo
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OMR 27.13
  • Promote Performance and Recovery
  • Increase Energy, Stamina & Endurance
  • Maximize Your Muscle Power

Vitargo Carbohydrate Fuel is one of the energy supplements in the body to stimulate energy during exercise and restore muscle glycogen after intense training because glycogen is an energy store, and insulin is the hormone responsible for the formation of glycogen in the body and its storage in the muscles or in the liver. Therefore, it achieves twice the speed of muscle energy after two hours of exercise, so Vitargo is the fastest absorbing carbohydrate and can be combined with other nutritional supplements such as protein and amino acids for post-workout recovery. Contains six natural flavors (tropical fruit, grape, lemon, mango, orange, watermelon) and unflavored.

Vitargo Carbohydrate Fuel Features

  • A powerful source of carbohydrates
  • Boost performance and restore energy during your workout
  • Helps replenish muscle glycogen after intense training.
  • It's the fastest absorbing carbohydrate
  • Carbohydrates enhance creatine absorption
  • Stimulates the transport of carnitine across the muscle cell membrane
  • Promote fat oxidation and energy production.
  • Multiple Natural Flavors

Before, between, or during exercise/competition .
You can mix in your favorite non-carb supplements (protein, pre-workouts, amino acids, electrolytes).
Vitargo rapidly empties from your stomach--bloat-free fueling After-training competition.
Take 1 to 2 scoops as soon as possible after finishing,
Vitargo can be combined with your favorite post-workout, zero/low carb supplements (like protein powder).
For optimal recovery follow supplementation with a nutrient-rich meal.

Certified Drug-Free by the Banned Substance Control Group 
Certified Gluten-Free 

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