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Dawson Sports Resistance Bands Heavy

Dawson Sports Resistance Bands

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By Dawson Sports
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  • Latex Bands for Strength Training
  • Colour Coded for Different Resistances
  • Available in 6 Strengths

Latex bands for strength training. Colour coded for different resistances.

Features of Dawson Sports Resistance Bands

  • 5PCS EXERCISE BANDS WITH DIFFERENT COLORS, each is clearly marked with weight indication for different tension range: Yellow 5-15LB, Red 15-35LB, Black 30-60LB, Purple 40-80LB, Green 50-125LB. Use a single band or combine more bands to perform challenging motion strength.
  • MADE OF NATURAL LATEX, the flat loop bands are environmentally friendly and fit comfortably around your body. The heavy-duty material is tear-resistant and built to last long despite repeated stretch.
  • FULLY EQUIPPED WITH A DOOR ANCHOR AND 2 HANDLES to expand the varieties of your exercise with the resistance bands. The nylon straps are knotted tight to avoid easy breakage and tearing.
  • COMES WITH A STORAGE BAG FOR CONVENIENT PORTABILITY. The whole pack is compact that will not take up too much space or add an extra heavyweight to your backpack, perfect for carrying to the gym, office, or travel.
  • GREAT ASSISTANCE for pull up, chin-ups, dips to promote muscle training, develop body flexibility and physical mobility, suitable for both men and women.

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