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Skull Labs Tribuvar, 90 Tablets, 1000 mg, Endurance, Supports Muscularity

Skull Labs Tribuvar, 90 Tablets, 1000 mg, Endurance, Supports Muscularity

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By Skull Labs
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QAR 58.37
  • Endurance
  • Supports Muscularity
  • Healthy Libido Function

Mace extract is one of the most popular plants with beneficial effects on hormone management. It is believed that the steroid saponins it contains may be a valuable support in maintaining optimal levels of testosterone - an extremely important hormone, whose deficiency may be linked to e.g.decreased libido, problems with fertility, or certain urogenital disorders. In addition, low testosterone levels often cause regeneration problems, poor sleep quality, and a persistent feeling of fatigue. SKULL LABS TRIBUVAR T 1000 tablets are a dietary supplement that provides a highly standardized Tribulus Terrestris extract. The steroid saponins contained in the extract are seen as natural testosterone boosters that can safely affect hormonal activity in the body. The product is recommended for physically active people exercising recreationally and for professional athletes.

Features of Skull Labs Tribuvar 

  • Support Natural Testosterone
  • Increase Performance
  • Boost Sexual Libido
  • Anti-Estrogen

Take 1 serving (1 capsule)


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