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Accu-Chek Instant Test Strips 50 Srtips

Accu-Chek Instant Test Strips

SAR 116.13
By Accu-Chek
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  • Suitable for Self-Testing
  • For Determination of Blood Glucose
  • × × CM
  • KG
  • Health Care
  • Germany
Improved trusted strips technology with safety checks and consistent accuracy, safety checks are made for temperature, humidity, damage, and presence of maltose.

Features of Accu-Chek Instant Test Strips

  • Improved trusted strips technology with safety checks and consistent accuracy
  • Highly visible and large dosing area
  • Test strips are stable (even after opening) until the expiry date printed on the test strip vial
  • Ensure your hands are clean and dry
  • Insert the test strip into the meter in the direction of the arrow. The meter turns on
  • Wait a few seconds until you see a flashing test strip and a drop of blood on the display
  • Obtain a drop of blood using the finger pricker
  • Touch the drop of blood to the front edge of the yellow window on the test strip. Do not put blood on the top of the test strip. When you see the hourglass symbol flash you have enough blood on the test strip
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