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Helan Apelab Lip Balm, 1 Stick

Helan Apelab Lip Balm, 1 Stick in Saudi Arabia

SAR 14.65
By Helan
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SAR 14.65
  • Restores Hydration and Elasticity to the Lips
  • Keeps Lips Soft and Velvety

Helan Sweetness Line - Apelab Lip Balm 1 stick. Helan Sweetness Line - Apelab Lip Balm is a soft nourishing stick, that attenuates the effects of the sun, cold, and wind, at the sea as in the mountains.

Features of Helan ApeLAb lip Balm

  • Enriched with beeswax and organic shea butter, it restores hydration and elasticity to the lips while the Propolis, with dermo-purifying properties, soothes the annoying burns due to chapping and redness.
  • With its protective action, it counteracts photosensitization and consequent irritation. With the richness of active ingredients, it keeps lips soft and velvety.

Apply on the lips whenever you feel the need.

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