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Nutrex Research Lipo 6 BCAA Intense, Watermelon, 30

Nutrex Research Lipo 6 BCAA Intense, Watermelon, 30 in Saudi Arabia

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  • 6g BCAA For Muscle-Building
  • Enhances Workout Performance
  • Supports Muscle Recovery
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  • Sports Nutrition, Bcaa
  • United States

LIPO6 BCAA INTENSE supercharges your muscles with 6 grams of the essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAAS) L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. Consuming enough BCAAs is vital for optimum muscle growth, strength, endurance, and recovery. The added natural caffeine provides clean energy for an effective workout session or whenever you need it.

Features of Nutrex Research Lipo 6 BCAA Intense

  • Supports muscle growth, strength, and recovery
  • Research proved 2:1:1 BCAA ratio
  • Increases energy and focus
  • Helps enhance workout performance & endurance

On training, days consume 1 serving of LIPO6 BCAA INTENSE before or during your workout. The benefits will be immediate and range from increased performance to more energy, endurance, and less fatigue.

On non-training days consume 1-2 servings anytime throughout the day to support muscle growth, recovery, and energy needs.

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