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Varesil V-Tonic Cream, 100 ML

Varesil V-Tonic Cream, 100 ML in Saudi Arabia

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  • Soothe and Calm the Symptoms of Varicose Veins
  • Stop Blood Spill
  • Improve The Circulatory System

Varesil V-Tonic Cream helps soothe swollen and tired legs, preventing the appearance of varicose veins. Fights and decreases swelling their components are naturally herbal they mitigate the pain and allow an improvement in blood flow. composed of anti-inflammatory extracts that stimulate the regeneration of the skin and fight against blood spills that cause varicose veins.

Features of V-Tonic Cream

  • Varesil Varicose Veins Cream is a 100% natural formula made with anti-inflammatory extracts. Its skin-regenerating properties work deep to stop bleeding and heal skin affected by varicose veins.
  • Varicose veins are dilated veins that swell and prevent blood from flowing back to the heart. Although this disease can occur anywhere in the body, it mainly affects the veins of the legs and can be caused by a number of factors: excess weight, high blood pressure, menopause...
  • Varicose veins are caused by a malfunction of the venous valves in the veins of the legs. When these valves fail, blood that has been pumped to the heart flows back down and begins to accumulate in the veins. This applies pressure to the wall of the veins, stretching them and eventually leading to the appearance of varicose veins in our legs.

Apply a maximum of 6 times a day. It is recommended to apply the cream to avoid varicose veins after having cleaned and hydrated skin properly and preferably in the morning and at night.



Varesil usage is not recommended for women, who are pregnant or nursing, or people who suffer from high blood pressure, heart or liver problems, glaucoma, diabetes or people who are allergic to any of the ingredients. Also not recommended if you are taking antidepressants or other medications prescribed to treat emotional or psychological problems.


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